happyhearts | Centre 1 Out Of School Care
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Centre 1 Out Of School Care For Grade 1-3

22336 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Centre 1 was the first centre opened back in 2016.  This centre holds a lot of memories for some of the children and staff that have been at Happy Hearts from the beginning.


Centre 1 is full of fun toys and has some structured activities.  There is a schedule that the staff follow every day.  There is great staff in this centre who love to figure out some great activities each day.  These activities include Table Top, Art, and Craft projects. 

Reading Area

The reading area has a huge selection of books of different reading levels.  There is comfy pillows, and a plush rug to sit on while your are reading.  This area is also used for children who may need a quiet area to calm and regroup.

Dramatic Play Area

This area has a great kitchen area with play food.  This area also has dress up clothes.  There are many times that we see dress ups on a child that is a different area of play.  Who doesn’t want to dress up as Batman and then play Lego?

Lego Area

The Lego Area has three Lego tables.  These are great for letting children chose if they would like to play together or they would like some space to work on a project by themselves

Barbies, Dolls, and Pirates

This area is great for Barbies, Princesses, Little People, Figures, Animals, etc.  We have lots of these kind of toys.  We have had to expand this area because so many want to play in this area

Superheroes, Cars, and Building Blocks area

This area is filled with lots of Superhero play and building blocks.  Whether they are building Batman’s Batcave so another hero can destroy it or tunnels that cars can drive over or under this usually happens in this area.  Although, the fun will quite often spill out of the area into the other areas.

Carpeted TV area

Friday is our Popcorn and Movie day.  The movie happens in this area.  Although, this centre has never got through a full movie with all of the children watching.  This group is a busy group.

Some table top and Car play happens on these carpets, as well as staff directed “Circles”

The Tables

Well these tables get used a lot.  From snack, Tabletop activities, Art and Crafts, Drawing, and colouring.  Our staff is constantly cleaning and bleaching these tables in between activities.

Table Top, Games, Colouring, and Art and Crafts

These cupboards hold it all.  Any Tabletops can be used during most activities.  Tabletop activities are things that are n ot out with other toys and need to be used at a table and put away into their bin before the next activity.

The Coat Area and Bathroom

The Coat area where all staff, children, and parents come in and out.  Coats, bags, and outside shoes are kept in this area.  We are constantly reminding our children that they need to be tidying up their stuff up.  It’s a work in progress.