happyhearts | Centre 3 Out of School Care
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Centre 3 Out of School Care

22330 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Centre 3 first opened in February 2017.  It opened before Centre 2 which at first did cause some confusion.  It has also gone through some changes of what the centre was.  Currently it holds Out of School Care, and Preschool.

Dramatic Play Area

This area is a big space with a play kitchen, play food, dress ups, table and chairs, and shopping carts.  Great area for playing house, or going grocery shopping

Circle Time Mat and Reading Carpet

During Quiet Reading there is lots of books to chose from and it is a good place to have staff read with the children

Tools and some signal art

This is an area to play with toy tools and we also have this area set up to have sit down time to do art.  The art easel usually has some colouring activities on it at all times

Train table

This is the place playing cars, trains, and building big structures with blocks.  Always a fun exciting area for many different things.


So like the other centres the tables are our busier place in the centres.  When this centre is not having snack at the table there seems to always be someone colouring at the tables.  There is also table top activities to choose from beside the tables and there is art time scheduled into everyday.

TV area

Fridays are our Movie Day.  All the children sit down and they get to watch an age appropriate movie.  Like all centres all children get a choice of a movie or a quiet activity during this time.

Sensory Bins

This is a great place to dig your hands in, or seek and find things in the sensory bin.  The sensory bins change monthly.  Always something new to look and find.